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Friday, June 30, 2006

Aburadako-Selftitled flexi ('83)+ selftitled 12inch('84) [Japan Avantgarde Punk]

second post for today
this time its 2x Aburadako
from 83 and 84
quite strange,but good!(imho)

stay tuned for more

aburadako have been around for a long while [they first formed in 1983], and still, i have difficulty in finding info about them – talk about being true to your underground roots! either way, they're worth checking out! i don't think everyone will like aburadako, they are definitely a brand apart, but you got nothing to lose and, in the worst possible scenario, all you might get is a fulminating headache hammering its way from your ears into your brain.

the first thing that you will definitely notice when listening to them is the vocalists voice. that'll either hook you up or turn you off! he's got a style that's very unique. personally i love the wacky style of singing, it's a very straightforward and honest way and it's what punk should be, loud and gritty!
the second thing you'll notice will probably be the drumming, which i think is tops! the guitar parts are also good and the bassline has its high moments

all of aburadako's albums are self-titled, meaning, they are all named 'aburadako'.
aburadako's lyrics are supposed to be either really deep, in the spiritual sense, or deep in their 'thickness' [read 'pseudo-intellectual, lots of nasty words to confuse you'] – as any self-respecting punk-driven band, their songs deal a lot with empty urban life, angsty disillusion and repressed revolt. or so i've heard :D
their drummer was supposedly in 15 bands, appart from aburadako(Ruins ect..)
[the j-rock saga]

128 kbits(but the quality is good enough)

....get it

Matsuji-Dead Voice 7inch['85 Rare Japan Hardcore Punk]

Highly Recommended!
Excellent Japanese Underground Hardcore
not much is know about this band
if im correct it was never bootlegged
because the only source says:
„Dead voice" 7"

6 Tracks / Kojima Recordings / 1985 /
never repressed or bootlegged

i assume this is from the original 7 inch
but is has excellent sound quality

Fans of true underground Japanese hardcore should pay attention to MATSUJI since this quartet totally rocks the little ghettos we’re living in! Armed with everything (!!) an awe-inspiring band from the land of the rising sun has to offer, MATSUJI’s incredibly powerful, mid tempo to quickly offered, solid rocking hardcore that contains an amazingly raw, yet memorable singer, certainly stood the test of time because otherwise – you can be sure! – I wouldn’t mention them within this small amout of space!! Yep, this platter, which doesn’t include a lyric sheet, inserts or other crap, is something I would consider as "essential", but at the moment, due to the genius of MATSUJI, by hook or by crook, I’m at a loss for words… Stop! One thing before I’ll totally lose the last drop of my brainpower: Does anyone know if MATSUJI released other material beside of this astonishing EP, their 3 tracks on the "Nobody’s fault - Sulais omnibus vol. 1" comp. LP (Slice Records / 1987 / the other troops are ROSE ROSE, CRISIS KILL, POISON ARTS, CLOD and NIRA KODOMO), the 5 songs on the "Attack of 4 tribes" comp. LP (Selfish Records / 1988 / further gangs are 666, POISON ARTS, F.O.A.D.) as well as their 3 slits on the "Slice selection" comp. CD (Slice Records / 1990 (?) / next to MATSUJI, this sampler features GHOUL, DEATH SIDE, ROSE ROSE and POISON ARTS)??


if anyone has those comp tracks please send


Monday, June 26, 2006

The Clay-The Middle East Combat Area 7inch + Comp Tracks['84 Rare Japan Hardcore Punk]

Highly Recommended
224 kbits[vbr]
taken from Order Of The Kite Volume Two(Various Rare And Obscure Japanese Punk Flexis And 7 Inchers) bootleg compilation cd

Excellent Japanese Hardcore band from Tokyo
wich sadly only released one 7 inch ep
and some tracks on a compilation (the Hold Up Omnibus 8 inch comp from '85)
somewhat remniscent of the hardcore band Ghoul(also from japan)

....[get it]

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Michiro Endo-Vietnam Legend['86 Japan Punk]

i got this one by email:
First solo album by Michiro Endo
who is best known as the frontman of legendary japanese punk
band The Stalin

Michiro Endo (from Stalin) has put out a number of releases, most of them pretty good. Not entirely punk (there is some glamrock, art and the like mixed in) they are still interesting
the guitarist from japan punk band Swanky's plays on this record

no cover art availible
and info about this record,seems to be quite rare

more info on the stalin

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Comes-No Side 12 inch['84 Japan Hardcore]

Excelent Raw Japanese Hardcore
with a female on vocals
very rare,also availialible as on the Gims/Comes split bootleg

The Comes from Tokyo were one of the first Japanese hardcore bands and their eleven song 12" entitled No Side is one of the best early punk records. The band first appeared on the Outsider compilation LP in 1982 along with such seminal Japanese outfits as GISM, Gauze, and Laughin Nose. No Side came out in 1984. The music was fast, rocking hardcore with melodic guitar and a totally insane woman on lead vocals. The songs on this LP combine these hell-shriek vocals, massive hooks, and the stop-start hardcore of Minor Threat, but Comes had a screeching, spastic energy unlike anything in the US. Their follow up LP, 1986's Power Never Die, is apparently a bad metal record. Too bad, but at least some members went on to be in the mighty Lip Cream and are probably still in some band or another. At least two bootleg singles have been put out, mostly recycling the No Side material, and the one to get is the split LP that combines No Side with GISM's Detestation LP (which, even in its bizarre glory, I think pales in comparison). Getting these two classics on one record is too good be true. No Side has also been booted onto CD recently.

1. No Side
2. Case
3. Public Circle
4. Wa-Ke-Me
5. [Japanese Title]
6. [Japanese Title]
7. [Japanese Title]
8. [Japanese Title]
9. Panic
10. [Japanese Title]
11. Medium


Friday, June 02, 2006

v/a- Great Punk Hits LP (Rebel Street II) (Japan 1983)

Welcome to my second blog
Excelent compilation of japanese punk from '83
but punk allready came to japan in 1977

The records that contains what is arguably the best Gism track: Death Exclamations. An aggression laden outburst with feverish nasty mastering and SKV at his dirtiest. There are some Japanes linerotes for Gism in the inserts. GPH is actually 'Rebel Street Part II'. The original 'Rebel Street' comp-lp came out in 1982 on Japan Record/Giraffe and features new-wave, no-wave and vaguely punkish bands like E.D.P.S, Lizard, Shampoo and a bunch of others.

  1. G.I.S.M.-Death Exclamations
  2. G.I.S.M-Fire
  3. The Execute-The Voice
  4. The Execute-Sag
  5. Aburadako-Bei Nisuto
  6. Aburadako-Kurisutaru Nahato
  7. Laughin Nose-Get The Glory
  8. Laughin Nose-Perdition
  9. The Clay-Future Terror
  10. The Clay-Militia
  11. Gzet-Dakura
  12. Gzet-Okishijeso Desutoroiya