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Monday, July 31, 2006

City Indian-Terror Boogie ['85 Japan Hardcore Punk]

line up originaly was
BELLEY from Freedom(Guitar)
SIN from Mobs(Vocals)
FUNNYARA from The Bones(Bass)
TAKUYA ( drums)

they broke up somewhere in '87?
and reformed with some guy from Outo
in '89
and released their Howling On Fire LP

this is the Terror Boogie mini lp from 85(?)

no password
go get it!

The Star Club-Go To Hell 7inch['77 Japan Punk]

one of the first japanese punk single's
the holy grail of early japanese punk

no cover art

each song is a side of the 7 inch
each side has 2 songs

Star Club, wow…most people slag this band as nothing but a 2-Bit, Japanese Sex Pistols knock-off. Their image & visual style is no argument against this opinion, but it is NOT AT ALL accurate for their musical style!

originally formed in the city of Nagoya sometime in 1977, they have the dubious distinction of being the FIRST Japanese punk band, ever. one could definately dispute this statement, but whatever…thats what the history books claim.

the folowing posts are an effort to not only dispell the BS reputation they have as a garbage Pistols rip-off, but a tribute to one of the longest running & still active bands in the history of punk rock. these records will keep to the years of 1977-1984; when they were doing their best stuff EVER!!

endnote- there are almost 100 different STAR CLUB releases that have been available over the years, and they are STILL very active as a band to this day. at various points in time, there have been members of GISM, KIKEIJI, STALIN, THE POGO, etc…that have been somewhat involved with this band. some real legendary hard-hitters of Japanese punk!!

another interesting note is that in 1987, they did a full-scale tour through Australia & New Zealand; something only previously done by the Dead Kennedys.

there are MANY recomemded LP's from this band( "Live Hot & Cool" City Rocker CR-OOE from 1983 / "Hello New Punks" TJC label 28JAL-16 from 1984 / "This Is Punk Punk Punk" TJC Label 28JAL-3009 from 1985 / "Very Best Of-Kings Of Punk-10th Anniversary Album" Picture Disc Club The Star CSR 00B from 1987 / "(japanese title)" Invitation VICL-13 from 1990 / "Pyromaniac" Speedstar VICL-60367 from 1999 ),


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inu-Inu[80 Japan Punk]

Highly Recommended
a very rare album

its the bands only album

not much known about this japanese
band except that:
the stalin wrote fantasy in warsaw
as a reaction on a song on this album
their singer Machida
also was in the burst city movie,
and the singer writes
books now

get it(192 kbits)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nightmare-Scatterraw[2004 Japan Hardcore]

latest album by japanese hardcore band
Nightmare,the same guys who made the excellent Give Notice Of Nightmare
only downside is the somewhat weak production

First off yes what you've heard is true , the production on the New Nightmare album is weak. The guitar is twangy and without a doubt the production hurts this album. If you are expecting the old Nightmare you may be further disappointed as their sound is a bit different now. The news isnt all bad though. Gone is the "perpy" sounding sax as Nightmare is back to the classic Guitar , Bass and drums lineup. The sound has changed a bit yet one thing that has'nt change is this band still has POWER. If ive given the impression I dont like this album that is wrong , I actually enjoy it quite a bit. The songs are great and the old power of Nightmare is still there. I dont mind the new direction at all but I could definitely do without the odd production.

get it

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friction-Crazy Dream +2 EP [1979 Japan Art-Punk]

Highly Recommended!

this band grew out of japanese psych band 3/3
they formed in '78 and where one of the first japanese punk bands.

They returned to Japan in 1978 to start a new group which became very famous: Friction. In 1979 Friction appeared on a compilation and in 1980 they recorded their first album. Friction released more than 10 albums in Japan. Friction has certainly a heavy influence on the late 1970's Japanese punk and new wave scene. Reck is again active on the Tokyo scene and has teamed up with Haino Keiji and hardcore drummer Pill, with whom he performs under the name Head Rush. This album of 3/3 is the rarest underground album ever released in Japan.

Friction was the trio of: Reck, Tsunematsu Masatoshi & Chico Hige. Bassist Reck had resided in NYC in the late '70s and played with James Chance and the Contortions as well as Lydia Lunch in the No Wave heyday. Friction was the band he formed upon returning to Japan in 1978. The band continued to exist for the better part of two decades and eventually issued a domestic album on Tzadik in 1999 (Zone Tripper), but this heavily charged debut (aggressive rock/punk, informed by No Wave and Japanese noir aesthetics) was their defining moment. Considered the most legendary underground Japanese group of the time (their albums were at least barely available in the US, unlike the earliest efforts from Keiji Haino or the Alchemy label), now reissued for the second time in equally definitive fashion.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anarchy-Not Satisfied 7inch[''80 Japan Punk]

Highly Recommended!
one of the earliest japanese punk records i have on my harddisk
next to some pre-stalin band and the ss

some info:

Not particularly rare or obscure but one of my favourite Japanese punk songs. Anarchy - Not Satisfied 7"

This is actually a pretty straightforward punk song but what distinguishes it are the guitar chops and the *shouted* chorus of "Not Satisfied" where it's pretty obvious that there is something they aren't too happy about. My guess is that it was the B side

these guys are around since ''78

according to their website
the named them self after the anarchy part in the sex pistols song
in 1979 they win a price for best band/and best vocalist in a band contest sponsored by

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Bones –In A Sick Society! EP['85 Japan Hardcore Punk]

Highly Recommended!

this is one for the people who love GISM,Kuro.LSD and LSD or ZOUO
only stuff this obscure band released

some info:

To some extent THE BONES are a relatively obscure band since they never got as prominent as for example GISM or KURO, but for sure that doesn’t mean they were bad at all cuz the contrary is absolutely true. Unlike the aforementioned masters of disaster, THE BONES never played that style of stuff we call "GiKu-core" today ("GIsm/KUro"… I should try to cash in for inventing an awesome explanation like this, shouldn’t I?), but their snotty as fuck, strong and ultimately rocking, catchy, hardcore-y punkrock which is dished up at uptempo speeds and contains hoarse, shouting vocals equals a kick in the bones (yo, again I managed to bring up a cool play with words…). To what I know, this EP is THE BONES’ one and only donation to the punk community, but at least one track of this pearl ("Insanity") was bootlegged on the "Nagasaki nightrider" comp. LP (1998 / 500 made / the other bands include LIP CREAM, STALIN, LAUGHIN’ NOSE, OUTO, THE CLAY, COBRA, MASTURBATION, KURO, SWANKYS, ABURADAKO, COMES, L.S.D., KIKEIJI, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, BITOUSHA, EXECUTE, SA, ROSE ROSE, G-ZET and LIP CREAM). Nonetheless, despite the fact that I’m still curious if THE BONES got their name because of Bones of DISCHARGE’s and/or BROKEN BONES’ fame, I bet my girlfriend as well as my best friend Steffie will love this 7" for the sole reason that the inner print shows four guys’ naked butts (ugh, there’s even one with a cigarette stuck into the hole of a person’s universe…), but to me, this is just amazing shit in the vein of a way more harmonious LSD or ZOUO mixed up with some classic, lesser metallic GISM influences, so I cannot recommend this puppy, which doesn’t contain any lyrics, but should come with a sticker, enough!!


get it (218 kbits VBR)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Stalin-Stop Jap Remastered [1982 Japan Punk]

Highly Recommended!
this was their first record for a mayor record company
this is the remastered cd version
wich has 20+ tracks(single b sides and live tracks)
remastered versions of Mushi and Fish Inn will folow soon

The Stalin began in 1980 and blew away all previous attempts at Japanese punk rock(The Star Club ect..) with their radical, evolving style. The band was founded by Michiro Endo, a 32 year-old socialist activist, Vietnam veteran, and street singer who had spent time in the West. He chose the name because "the name Stalin is very hated by most people in Japan, so it is very good for our image." Because he was a socialist, he also explained the name as meaning "the downside of every good idea." Michiro was also the editor of INGO fanzine, which helped release the second press of Stalin's first flexi Dendou Kokeshi in 1980. The cover of this EP was a brutal drawing of a penis being injected by a hypodermic needle. The two songs on the flexi were great raw, jangly punk rock tunes. This sound continued on their second EP, 1981's 5-song Stalinism 7", on which at least one Ramones riff can be heard within the unique Stalin sound. Not impressed with crowd reactions at Stalin shows, Michiro behaved like a madman, leaving a wake of destruction everywhere he went. He would spit, pull hair, or just beat up members of the audience. If that didn't work, he would leave the stage after one song. A MRR scene report from the time describes fish heads and human shit on stage. The Stalin were quickly banned from most venues.

The band's major label debut was 1982's Stop Jap LP, which many regard as their best work. The two singles from the record found them reinventing songs by the Doors and Stooges as B-sides. The lyrics from this album supposedly reflect a more anti-nationalist, anarchistic slant on political issues. The band reached their peak in popularity with the next two hardcore records in 1983: the 4-song Go Go Stalin 12" and the Mushi LP. The Stalin was one of the first Japanese bands to reach an international audience when their song "Chicken Farm" appeared on MRR's(Maximum Rock And Roll)
seminal Welcome to 1984 compilation alongside other international hardcore pioneers like Raw Power and BGK
-kill from the hearth

michiro endo's website:

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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Stalin-Romunsuto 7inch (1982 Japan Punk]

1 Romunchisuto
2 Light My Fire

whats a japanese punk blog without the wonderfull band The Stalin?

and here's the video for Romantist

and does any one have The Notalins record?

The Stalin for ever!

get it

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Swankys-Never Can Eat Swank Dinner['87 Japan Punk]

Highly Recommended for people who love '77 style punk

the band previously known as Gai(they played Hardcore Punk)
they changed there name and started playing '77 style punk

this is their second full lenght under the name The Swankys

get it (160 kbits)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Gas-Reincarnation['85? Japan Punk]

Very Highly Recommended!
excellent punk with female vocals
from Hiroshima

not much info availible
i assume this is from '85
because thats the year they contributed the song World Peace
to the The Punx compilation
wich is also on their only LP(

here's a video:

get it(192 kbits)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bastard-No Hope In Here (Discography)[Japan Hardcore Punk]

Higly Recommended
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This was requested

this contains all the stuff they recorded

Bastard was a Japanese hardcore punk band from Tokyo. Bastard was around in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bastard put out an EP, and an LP. Both were then compiled into a Discography. They were Featured on several compilation albums. The lineup consisted of:

  • Tokurow - Vocals
  • Fuji - Guitar
  • Lizawa - Bass
  • Koba - Drums

On the LP Fuji was replaced by Zigyaku. After Bastard's disbandment members went on to play in other bands such as Judgement, Forward and Buzzy Yamato-Cho Band.



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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

VA - Violent Party - Down Town Street Punker ['83? Japan Hardcore & Punk]

sound quality is good
remember that this was a cassete tape only release
contains the tracks Fight against plutocrats by Confuse
(wich i will post some stuff by soon)
contains punk and hardcore punk

Official CD release of an old ('83 or '84) Japanese
compilation tape... Aargh! Aargh! Noise!!

  1. 01 G.A.I. - Damnation
  2. 02 G.A.I. - Fundmental Human Right
  3. 03 Gedon - Today Is Happy
  4. 04 Gedon - Entertainer
  5. 05 No Cut - Open Way
  6. 06 No Cut - Dead Cry
  7. 07 Confuse - Spending Loud Night
  8. 08 Confuse - Fight Against Plutocrats
  9. 09 Craps - Cannot Stop Laugh
  10. 10 Craps - How Long Do You Give Me
  11. 11 Gess - This Is Religion
  12. 12 Gess - Rock And Roll
  13. 13 G.A.I. - Two Mohicans
Total Playing Time : 42:27 min

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cobra-Stand The Pressurere('84 Japan Oi! Punk]

Highly Recommended!

artwork(front and back) included

first LP by japanese oi! punk band Cobra
they where the first oi punk band from japan(since ''82?)

in the vein of Sham 69 and The Jam

in the (early?) 90's they reached a bigger audience and did big tours and tv appearance

but that didnt hurt the music,90's records like Oi! Oi! Oi! and Captain Nippon are also great

currently they are still alive
and that makes them one of the longest existing japanese punk band
next to Laughin' Nose and some other bands

get it!