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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jiheitai-Live 1979-80[Japan Punk w/ Michiro Endo]

a live bootleg of a Pre The Stalin band
very rare!

not much info known about this band
except that it hat Michiro Endo on vocals
and maybe some other future members of the stalin

contains some early versions of stalin songs

like Yokujou somewhat sounds like Romantist

the sound quality is decent
better than lets say the live tokyo 82-83 LP by G.I.S.M.
here is no noise

go go go get it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gudon-Gudon CD[80's Japan Hardcore Punk]

this collects everything Gudon recorded
except for
FUSHUU demo (Kagai Mousou)

FINAL SHOUT demo (Kagai Mousou)

ZANNIN SEIJA flexi (Kagai Mousou, 1984)

Almost complete discography of this great mid to late 80's
│ Japanese hardcore/thrash band. Only their 1st flexi and some
│ compilation tracks are left out..

This is some of the stranger music from the 80's - a band that really goes all over the place over the course of their career. The liner notes don't say where the different records start and start, but you can pretty much figure it out from the different qualities of recording. The earliest stuff (the first three songs) is kind of schizophrenic and thinly recorded. For example, the first song is in this epic crossover style, and then the second song could be described as "silly" almost like a children's ditty. The stuff on the My Meat's Your Poison compilation is faster and thicker, with more of a hardcore feel. The music here reminds me of GAUZE, especially the vocals. Their next recording is even faster, a bit murkier, and maybe has a little of the crossover style returning- the guitar solos especially remind one of Cause for Alarm-era AGNOSTIC FRONT. Beginning with the song "Void," they slow down a bit and have a bit more groove to the riffs, and the songs are longer. You could say it bears a resemblance to KURO's Fire EP, although it is not d-beat. Overall this is definitely unique and almost always compelling hardcore, even though the horrible production and frequent stylistic departures can be jarring over the course of the CD.
-from kill from the heart

go get it!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crow-Bloody Tears[2005 Japan Crust Punk]

with ironfist on drums(Die You Bastard!,G.I.S.M.)

Bombastic Crust-metal from Tokyo, an ultra brutal lightning attack of searing riffs, wild solos, screaming vocals and crushing Rhythm Section. Bleak intent and searing metallic mayhem, CROW have dotted the landscape of Japanese hardcore punk since it's inception and just seem to get more devastating with age!! This is their First full length / second LP since the 1980's with 9 Tracks. Some of the songs are intense re-recorded versions of some of their Classic tracks (Including their Signature track "Give Up All Hope" that has been covered by numerous bands including the UK"s legendary DOOM) as well as new recordings of songs from their recent ultra-limited Japanese releases. This is the official vinyl release of this new LP, which was released as a CD-Only on the Mangrove label in Japan. The LP sequence has slight variations in both track listing and mixes. CROW have toured the West Coast twice, releasing the well received 7" " Neurotic Organization" and split EP with ARTIMUS PYLE previously on Prank

go get it!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Systematic Death - From Selfish Video

Phaidia-In The Dark[85 Japan Punk/Death Rock]

this band has Yoshida (Ruins,YBO2) on drums
they make dark post punk/death rock
the drumming is great

some info:
Phaidia was a Japanese deathrock band, formed in the early 80's.
Cutting voice, powerful drums and guitars... They've been labeled "the Japanese Christian Death".

+SANATORIUM '81 (Collaboration with the band Gilles de Rais)
+'81 and '82 VV.AA. albums
+R.B.F.1984 (Label bands compilation)
+IN THE DARK(LP)'85 city locker

They also appeared in a Tatsuya Yoshida compilation called "Devil from the East", where he reunited quite a few projects he had been involved in, as Malinconia, Ruins, Naked City or Phaidia.

They started in ‘82 or ‘83. I would describe the music as hard-edged, energetic goth rock with some leftover punk touches.

The drummer was Yoshida, who would go on to do better, noisier things w/YBO2 and later found Ruins and a million other bands of varying quality. Phaidia’s guitarist was Kawamoto, who also played in YBO2 and in the original Ruins lineup

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Nightmare-Ikasama EP['88 Japan Hardcore Punk]

More music by Nightmare

Ikasama can stand for :fraud, trickery, counterfeit


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

City Indian-- Howling On Fire['89? Japan Hardcore Punk]

the howling on fire album by City Indian
i think this is a bootleg

but it has been released on cd in 2005
havent found that one yet


go get it!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confuse-Nuclear Addicts Flexi[84 Japan Hardcore Punk]

Highly Recommended!

awesome fast noise hardcore

recording quality is better than Indignation

Not a lot is known about Confuse except they are the most widely bootlegged Japanese band, I think even outpacing GISM for the number of boots.

The first recordings of Confuse appear to be the stuff on the Spending Loud Night 7" (King's World Records). These recordings are ultraraw noisy thrash and are possibly from a demotape, but I haven't run across a trader that had this demo, although I have heard it was... This stuff is from 1983 and I think is a 4-track basement demo type of thing. The Indignation demo from 1984 is definitly a demo tape, I have seen two covers for this tape. More controlled noise but still outrageously fuzzed out and violent sounding. Later this year Confuse entered the studio for what I believe was the first time and produced the Nuclear Addicts flexi. This, as with the progression from the 1st demo to the 2nd demo, shows a less chaotic and more focused attack, but if you had never heard the demos and just this you'd be hard pressed to believe it. The flexi is a classic noisecore record, abrasive rough buzzsaw thrash a la Disorder but heavier. After this, Confuse appear on a compilation 8" called Jisatsu Omnibus and the three songs are a bit more rough sounding than Nuclear Addicts (some of them are rerecordings of older songs from the demos as well).

go get it