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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Screamers--Demo's 1977-1978 LP

LA Art Punk

and now something totally different than normally
something non-japanese (Shock!)

The Screamers were a punk rock group active in the Los Angeles, California area in the late 1970s.

Included among the first wave of LA's punk rockers, the label "techno-punk" was applied to the band by the Los Angeles Times in 1978. The Screamers are widely cited as the pioneers of a genre now known as "synthpunk," and might also be classifeid as art punk. The Screamers were notable for their unusual instrumentation, featuring electric piano and synthesizer, while omitting guitars. Additional musicians, including violinists and a female vocalist, were occasionally incorporated into their performances.

The group featured a highly developed theatrical presentation that centered around a manic lead vocalist, Tomata du Plenty, whose stage persona one early commentator described as "a psychotic Mickey Rooney."

Though they developed a substantial following and generated considerable press coverage, the Screamers never released a record. In the Don Letts-directed documentary Punk: Attitude (2005) singer Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys cited the Screamers as a key influence on his group, and as one of the great unrecorded groups in rock history, sentiment echoed by Brendan Mullen, who ran the punk club The Masque.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Die You Bastard!-Zenshin Zenrei (2003) @320 kbits

First full lenght album(+'98 Demo) by blast beat freaks Die You Bastard!
wich has the Ironfist from G.I.S.M as a drummer
fuckin' brutal stuff

go get it!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

MRR Zine Archive

Would just like to point you towards a website I found recently that has scans of most of the old issues of the american punk zine Maximum rocknroll.

This zine had a Japanese scene report full of good information starting around issue 10.

There are also interviews with many Japanese punk bands such as The Stalin, Aburadako, The Execute, and so on.

And you can find reviews of Japanese records in the reviews section of the mag.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

G-ZET - Discography CD

Here is some more ADK stuff for you, This time G-Zet. I believe this CD was released by OK Records and contains everything G-Zet ever recorded, Also between songs there are snippets from an interview with Tam, In Japanese of course.

G-Zet was a band formed by ADK Boss and Ex-The Stalin guitarist Tam. He played guitar and quite a few of their songs were instrumentals. They did have various vocalists on some tracks and at gigs, including a female vocalist.

I heard they later changed their name to Bradbury, and while they were on tour Tam famously went missing. It is believed he went into hiding because of debts he owed, but nobody is too sure. Some said he was killed by Yakuza and his corpse thrown into a volcano, but that sounds ridiculous. Michiro Endo told my friend that Tam died of a drug overdose, But recently there has apparently been some sightings of Tam by Japanese punk fans. will we ever know the truth?


Thursday, July 05, 2007

ADK Omnibus Vol.1 + Vol.2

2 Comps released in 1983 by Tam's Legendary punk label ADK, Featuring bands who were on the label at the time.

ADK Omnibus Vol.1

ADK Omnibus Vol. 2
Gasatsu Crime Fighter


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


i will be on a two week vacation
read more about it at my other blog

in the time im gone Daniel will be posting on the punk blog once or twice a week
because now this(fight against the plutocrats) is partially also his blog

Greetings Dirk

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Paintbox-Singing, Shouting, Crying

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1999 Japan Hardcore w/ guitarist of death side

another favourite of mine

while the vocalist & bassist? currently are in Forward
the guitarist of death side currently is in Paintbox

this is their first full length record

a review
Not to be confused with the Toronto indie rock band of the same name, this Japanese outfit is here to steamroll your senses. Playing fast and hard, they sound like a blend of old school hardcore meets Motörhead and old Iron Maiden with a bit of Avail thrown in for good melodic measure. Sound intriguing? You bet it is. And it’s damn good as well. Musical competence can generally be the downfall of many hardcore bands, given the built-in limits of the sound, but not in the case of Paintbox. Paintbox use everything they’ve got to craft an aural assault that you won’t soon forget, no matter how jaded you are. This one is recommended for anyone who is tired of the average, uninspired material that passes for most hardcore these days

some info:
PAINTBOX is one of the current batch of legendary Tokyo hardcore bands on the mighty HG FACT label, formed in the mid 1990's from the splintering of classic 1980's Japanese Hardcore band DEATHSIDE.

Melodic intensity and remarkable musicianship that plays circles around what you think of as 'thrash' and the unique upbeat power and high energy of Japanese hardcore punk; they're simplyone of the best hardcorebands on the planet
-prank records

go get it!(320 kbits)