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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gaseneta - Sooner Or Later (Late 70s?)

The only release from noisy psychadelic garage-punk band Gaseneta, who came from the "Minor scene" as it was called. They never had any releases at the time, and this is a compilation released in 1991 of old recordings.

"Gaseneta's Sooner or Later CD on the PSF label from 1978 featured Hamano Jun, Osato Toshiharo, and insane vocalist Yamazaki Harumi, had the guitar rampage factor of High Rise, but it's the slobbering speed freak aspect and damaged lo-fi air (a nod to Les Rallizes Denudes) that transformed this band into quite a unique thing"

"Tracks 2-6,10 were recorded at the temporary studio, first floor, Gakusei Kaikan at the Izumi campus of Meiji University."