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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Stalin - Live At Korakuen Hall 1983

Official live album from The Stalin recorded in 1983 and released on CD in 2005.
Because this is an official release, sound quality is good throughout, it includes 26 classic tracks played at a blistering pace.

Band Line-up is ;

Vocals - Michiro Endo
Guitars - Ryoujou
Bass - Shintaro Sugiyama
Drums - Tatsuya Nakamura


Framtid-Under The Ashes

2002 Japan Crust Punk

This record is BRUTAL
a fav. of me

check out this live video @youtube
i have the complete All Crusties Spending Loud Night 2002 video
so if anyone is interested,i could post it sometime

excerpt from a review:
If you ask me, Under the Ashes may very well be the flagship record of this current crust revival. Unlike World Burns to Death who throw in some Japanese influences in places and Disclose who are so faithful to the Discharge aesthetic to at times border on parody, Framtid's music is straight up crust punk done EXACTLY like it should be done. In a word, it is definitive, from the distorted guitars to the driving d-beat rhythms to the homogenous song structures to the black and white, cut-and-paste artwork.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

G.I.S.M.--Live Tokyo 1982-1983

Live G.I.S.M bootleg,soundquality varies
a must have for any G.I.S.M collector

A Review i found:
Side one's April 1982 gig is, of course, unspeakably raw and noisy, but the vocals are relatively clear, the drums audible and the guitars provide a steady churn of barely-structured rushing thrash and feedback that, while nowhere near so sophisticated or metallic as the band would become when late guitarist Randy Uchida joined soon after, is powerful and anguished. Recorded just five or six months after their November '81 debut and five months before the set partially captured on the seminal "Outsider" comp LP, it's probably a bit foolish to make any firm assessments of influence and inspiration based on such rough recordings, but I would nonetheless be surprised if the band weren't listening to an awful lot of very early UK hardcore at this stage. The speed and snarled vocals are much more suggestive of Discharge, Disorder and Chaos UK than of traditional '70's punk or even the better-known contemporary American hardcore, and the likelihood of likeminded Finnish, Swedish or Italian bands being widely heard in Japan at this stage seems slim (feel free to correct me if you know otherwise, because the possibilities are intriguing).
The second side was recorded some time in 1983, and the sound is marginally better (similar to the much-maligned live material on Negative Approach's "Total Recall", which I think sounds great). The sound has already progressed considerably, with the songs generally tighter and faster, and most importantly, Uchida's guitar thrashing out the serious riffing and wild leadwork that would soon become Japcore's defining components. It's less historically important than the first set, perhaps, but it's a great listen if you're a GISM freak and probably completely unlistenable to just about anyone else...consider yourself warned.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kyah - Discography

Hello i'm the new team member Dan.

Here is every release by the 80's Japanese girl punk band Kyah, It includes;

1st 7" (1984)
Slapdash EP (1985)
Rebel Point 12" EP (1986)
Dear Mr. Mini LP (1988)

"A female punk rock group made of four girls. The name of the band "KYAH" is the sound of woman's screaming voice. They look cute but the sound was rash, straight and hard-cored."

Seems to be very very little information on this band.
But I do know they swapped members with another girl punk band called RAP before they released their Dear Mr mini LP, So it has a different singer and a different sound to the other releases.

And by the way, Members of Lip Cream and Laughin Nose are credited as guest chorus on the slapdash EP.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Disclose/Framtid split (2004)

two excellent japanse crust/d-beat bands on one split

the Framtid tracks dont appear on their only album

read review here

download here


Friday, June 22, 2007

and i got a team member

i added a second poster to this blog
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soon some fresh uploads by me

Sunday, June 17, 2007

G.I.S.M-Detestation Remastered @320 kbits ['84 Japan Punk Metal]

Highly Recommended!

Lossles Audio of the remastered cd to mp3[320 Kbits]
this is possible the best release availible

credits to some guy from Yokohama!

one of the best punk bands that came to japan
Lee Dorian(Napalm Death,Cathedral) says that
Sakevi was a influence on him
Sakevi's voice makes Venom look like pussy's

GISM (also G.I.S.M.) was a Japanese hardcore punk band (with strong metal leanings) formed in Japan in 1981. It was composed of vocalist Sakevi Yokoyama(real name Shigehisa. "Sakevi" being a corrupted "sakebi" - a shout, or scream of "MURDER!"), guitarist Randy Uchida, bassist Kannon(sometimes known as "Cloudy", later replaced by Kiichi Takahashi in the 90's), and drummer Monamour Hiroshima(replaced by Ironfist Tatsushima around the same time Kannon threw in the towel). GISM often used heavy metal style guitar solos and riffs, while at the same time drawing much influence from the early industrial/avant-garde music scene...something extremely uncommon in punk bands at that time.

GISM was widely known for the extreme violence present in their lyrics, and live shows. Sakevi would often march about the stage clad in a balaclava and covered with bullets, waving lit flares in audience members faces, throwing microphone stands, rocks, and attacking concert goers as Vietnam War footage was projected behind him. Onstage he would go as far as to attack photographers who took pictures of him and chase audiences with a flamethrower.

GISM has attained a cult status in the hardcore punk scene, probably due to their violent attitude and bizarre artworks/performances,coupled with the legends surrounding them.

The acronym GISM has never had a constant meaning attached to it. Variations include God In The Schizoid Mind, Guerilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer, General Imperialism Social Murder and Gnostic Idiosyncracy Sonic Militant.

Randy Uchida passed on in Feb 10th 2001 due to cancer, Sakevi continued to contribute his unique brand stlTH® of collage art to the world, and started his own line of t-shirts. Ironfist Tatushima went on to play in the bands Die You Bastard! and Crow which he had been playing with before he joined G.I.S.M.



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Nightmare-Give Notice Of Nightmare['89 Japan Hardcore Punk]

F''ckin great brutal hardcore !

Highly Recommended!
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Hardest. Band. Ever.--------- Nightmare...Burning Spirt style Japanese H.C. (not be confused with the lame ass Visual band 'Nightmare') absolutley blows my mind. Never before have i heard a band play this fast, be this intense, or make me want to brake stuff as much as they do. If Toxic Narcotic and Death Side had a would probably be Nightmare. 'Give Notice of Nightmare' is quite possibly the Hardest, Fastest, Most INSANE album of it's time (it came out in 1989..and it still out does most modern H.C.). Songs like 'Actuality', 'Black Widow', Self Defence Power', etc. are all great pieces of BRUTAL Japanese Hard Core. Any fan of the genre should check Nightmare out for suuuure

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